Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Rebel Flesh

I didn't really love this episode to be honest. I just had trouble keeping interested in the plot. Additionally, I found the overall story of the episode confusing, and this is from someone who found The Big Bang as well as pretty much every Christopher Nolan movie straightforward.
Parts I liked:
I thought the opening was fun, seeing Rory and Amy just hanging out on the TARDIS. I liked how Rory sussed out they weren't in medieval times.  I liked the bit about the Doctor using the screwdriver to tell him what was written in plain English on the pipe. I liked that Rory went after Jennifer instead of obediently listening to Amy. Especially since they've had him show such doubt in past episodes about her love for him, for him to just not listen and do what he thinks is right rather thatn just do as told seems like growth to me.
I also liked the Eyepatch lady showing up.
Parts I didn't Like:
As I said I found it very confusing who was Ganger and who was real. Obviously this was the point, and since I praised that they gave the sense of confusion in Day of the Moon I can't really complain about them doing it again here, but I will anyway.
I thought the part about the Ganger Doctor took too long for them to set up. They should have either established the character definitively earlier, even if he's in the background, or had him be a complete surprise/twist ending.
I just didn't love this episode. I wanted to, but I didn't.

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