Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blink Watch-Along

So as I've mentioned once in a while, I'm a fan of Doctor Who. I thought it might be fun to rewatch one of my favorite episodes "Blink" with commentary. It's like live tweeting but not. *Warning: Mild Spoilers* I also think everyone should watch this and imagine that I'm there saying these things. Let's start!

0:13 Sneaking in, climbing over gates. To be fair it's a very climbable gate.
0:25 The sign says Danger, Keep Out and she's going in. She'll get along perfectly with the Doctor.
0:50 It's okay to break into someone's house if you're just taking pictures.
1:08 Don't worry, there isn't a single horror film where creepy things are written on the wall. You should keep exploring.
1:47 Okay usually murder house messages aren't personalized. Or so well timed.
2:18 Theme song time! OOOOEEEEOOOO dun-dun-dun-dun, dun-dun-dun-dun
3:05 There's the Doctor.
3:16 First mention of not blinking. I'm going to keep count.
3:45 Does she just make a habit of walking into other people's homes?
4:10 Hi Larry. Learning that pants mean underwear in England makes this scene better.
4:45 And we're back at the creepy house. At least it's day and she's not alone.
5:11 "It's happy for deep people." Kind of a emo hipster thing to say.
5:36 Don't be silly. Statues can't move.
6:12 I agree it's not a burglar but it's still creepy
6:55 He just shows up with a letter for you.
7:17 IT MOVED! IT MOVED! Creepy music.
7:40 Go Sally! Be direct.
8:22 Time travel.
8:48 And physical travel.
9:30 Not practically.
10:05 Well that's kind of a happy ending.
11:00 It's looking at you.
11:14 And now we can add thievery to the list. Lucky door slam.
11:51 They're watching you. In all the windows.
12:20 It seems like Kathy's taking the time travel much more in stride than a normal person would.
12:44 That's no way to speak of the dead, why is there another angel?
13:42 More Doctor!
14:13 She's already seen it, you don't need to cover up.
14:38 A work trip into the past.
14:51 I think you would know that for yourself.
15:54 "He just shows up where he's not supposed to." That pretty much sums up a lot of this show.
16:10 Don't dis the internet
16:30 Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey stuff
16:54 That's normally not going to help you with girls.
17:10 More coincidences. But seriously, some good advice.
18:00 She blinked! They're gone. They moved.
18:33 And that's when I start to love Billy Shipton.
18:57 Coolest mode of transport ever!
19:15 I can't hear you. There's nothing wrong with it.
19:30 I like the big question.
19:48 This is how you win over a woman.
20:13 Oh and you were being so coy too.
20:33 Something weird just happened. I'll explore. Another good potential companion.
21:21 Aaaaand blink.
22:04 Yep, he's gone.
22:10 He's actually here! Not just on a monitor.
22:41 "They kill you nicely." I'd rather not be killed at all to be honest.
22:58 "What in God's name are you talking about?" Pretty much everyone's reaction to me talking about this show.
23:00 "Nod when he stops for breath." I'm pretty sure this is the other reaction when I talk about Doctor Who.
23:10 I love this bit about the timey-wimey detector.
23:30 He's always sorry.
23:42 Good boy. He called quickly. Well sort of.
24:07 Sad face.
24:26 "It's the same rain."
25:00 There's about a 50% chance that's true and 50% chance that the Doctor's just being annoying.
25:41 Billy's kind of awesome.
26:44 Dear Billy, I love you. That is all.
27:11 He was really THAT precise about when you would die? Really?
27:40 Sally's back in awesome mode.
27:53 A bit self-centered Sally. True, but self-centered.
28:29 Hi Doctor!
28:43 They're having a nice little conversation.
29:16 Go Martha!
29:56 Sally's just shutting him down.
30:34 It's less political and more literal.
31:06 Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey. The explanation for everything
31:25 I want that on a t-shirt.
32:14 That's kind of sad.
33:05 Three Don't Blinks, and one Blink and you're dead
33:24 It's back!
33:49 Two more!
34:12 The angels are smart locking it and everything.
34:27 He would not be a good companion. "Give them the key."
34:58 Personal space is so invaded right now.
35:20 That's right go into the cellar. You'll be safe there.
35:47 There's three more of them. Trap. Except they can't touch you
36:11 And now all four.
36:19 That's just cheating.
36:47 Yes, it's bigger on the inside.
37:06 So can I just go on the Tardis with a DVD and get a free trip?
37:41 Since when can the Tardis do that?
37:55 Because covering your face and cowering will help.
38:29 Yes the Doctor is brilliant. I still wouldn't get so close to them.
39:12 "Can you just forget about this weird mysterious thing that makes no sense and almost got us killed?" "No."
39:39 He's getting better at this.
40:09 DOCTOR!
40:25 I really want to know what he and Martha are up to.
40:55 "You're going to get stuck in 1969" His face: Seems Legit.
41:15 Sally Sparrow, I like that name.
41:26 The Doctor is a matchmaker without even trying.
41:44 And it get's creepy again. 2 more Don't blinks.

So we have a total of 8 Don't Blinks, and 2 Blink and You're Dead's.

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