Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Evil Academy

Today it occurred to me that my classes are much more interesting if I pretend I'm learning how to be a supervillain and take over the world.

Macro Economics: One of the best ways to prevent rebellion of the peons is to maintain a stable economy that keeps them happy. 

Engineering Design and Communication: My group is doing a project that involves lasers. I could always use a laser death ray to smite those who try to incite rebellion. Additionally we have to do lots of teamwork activities. I can't get to the top alone, I'll have to work well with others to achieve my goal of ruling over anything.

Engineering Analysis 3-System Dynamics: The world runs on systems. Knowing how they work will enable me to best know what systems to destroy and how, as well as how to build new systems for my new world order.

Analysis and Performance of Literature: I'll need to make speeches to pacify the public and to encourage them to remember not to rebel. Also, being able to read into the written works of the citizenry will allow me to notice if someone is subtly trying to incite rebellion.

C++ Programming: Today we used a pretend ATM model to learn about programs calling functions. Knowing about programming will help me to hack into bank computers and ATMs to ensure funds for my world domination scheme. 

Disclaimer: I'm totally kidding. I have no plans to take over the world. I promise. Really. I would never lie about something like this.

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