Thursday, April 12, 2012

It Will Never Stop

So I'm taking 5 classes this quarter. Most of you, who go/went to semester schools are probably thinking that this is not a big deal. However, on a quarter system normally only 4 classes are taken each quarter. Because we have three short quarters, instead of two long semesters. So anyway, 5 classes. What this basically means is that every time I think I have free time, and don't have work to do I'm wrong. There's always more problems sets to do, more textbooks to read, more tests to study for.

And, because I am smart, I have added to my workload my choosing to do BEDA. Plus another project I'm in the middle of and literally haven't touched for a month. And a scarf I'm knitting and could probably bind off but I want it to be longer. And I just volunteered for another non-school project. 

But you know what? As much work as there is, as intense and stressful as it is, I like it. I like always having something to work on. Having multiple things due means I can't convince myself that I have plenty of time before it needs doing. I actually have to get everything done.

So I'm going to go study for a midterm. Then I'll outline an essay (or two) and do my reading for another class tomorrow.

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