Monday, April 2, 2012

Failed Pranks

So yesterday was April Fool's Day. I have gotten better at not falling for pranks, but I haven't really gotten better at pulling them. If anything I'm getting worse.

Last year my friends and I decided that, for a senior prank we would take all the chairs out of the freshmen section of the cafeteria. The freshmen at our school almost never sat in their section, choosing instead to stand in the middle of the cafeteria blocking everyone's way. So, since they never used their chairs anyway we decided to take them and give them to other sections of the cafeteria where there were chair deficits.

We went and started stacking chairs into stacks of three, and moving them out to the other sections. I'd say we got somewhere to a quarter of the chairs out before campus security came over. They asked us what we were doing and we very honestly replied "Taking the chairs out of the freshmen section." They asked us to stop and we obliged. We made to leave and they stopped us once more, insisting that we put the chairs back. Again, we obliged.

So while that may not have gone so well, at least we tried. This year however, a prank didn't even get off the ground. One of my classes meets early. On the first day the teacher told us that we should do whatever we needed to stay awake. Immediately I imagined the whole class pretending to shoot up with drugs. I didn't think it would happen but then in my next class the teacher gave out materials for some individual projects. One of the items was a syringe (no needle). And I'm not the only one in both classes. The plan then wrote itself. And promptly had no opportunity to happen. Sigh.

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