Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Two Bad, One Good

I do not like today. Firstly, because I had an 8 AM class, which is a thing that now happens every Tuesday and Thursday, but you know, I'm still unhappy about. Just perpetually unhappy. Well not perpetually. But from 7:30 or so until class is over I'm pretty unhappy. Just to sink in how early this is, I usually get back to my room from this class the same time my roommate leaves for her first class. So that's the first bad. The second bad also has to do with my class schedule.

See, my campus is divided into north campus and south campus. Every single class I've taken this year up until this quarter has been on north campus. This quarter I have a class on south campus. Like, south, south campus. On Thursdays, I have plenty of time to get to this class, as I have class at 8, and then not again until the afternoon. On Tuesdays however, I have class up north, and then I have ten minutes of not class, and then I have class down south. On Thursdays, I walk over leisurely and it takes about 15 minutes to get there. The past two Tuesdays I've been able to make it on time by walking a little more quickly. Today however, my north class let out 5 minutes late. I was late to class. Luckily the teacher was having technological issues so class hadn't started ye, but still.

The good news however, is that I went to CVS and got Easter chocolate on sale, 50% off. I find it entertaining just how strict they are about defining something as "Easter" chocolate. I mean, I understand why the bunnies are half off, but there was a bag of Hershey's kisses that I wouldn't have thought counted had it not been stacked with the other items. The front of the bag had some flower pictures on it and the back of the bag had a small panel about a website with ideas to make Easter great. This qualified for the half off price. So, the good news is, I now have chocolate. So much chocolate. Which will come in handy when I need sugar to help me study for the two midterms I have this week. The two midterms I should get back to studying for.

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