Saturday, April 14, 2012

Even More Baby Chicks and Science!

I went back to the Museum of Science and Industry today with some friends.
Foucault's Pendulum. 
We started in the storm science section.
Avalanche Simulation

Launching a hot air balloon.
Then we moved to the genetics area of the museum.

That black thing is a mouse.
Then it was time to see what we (somewhat) came for.

BABY CHICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Without the weird color distortion from the glass.
Look how cute they are!!!!
With the weird color distortion from the glass.
Still really adorable!!!!!!!!
The back two were fighting. It was so cute.
The eggs in the other section, with some very newborn chicks in the back. Apparently there was a hatching chick, but I couldn't tell which egg it was.

There was an exhibit about people. There was a place where you could here what your voice would sound like as you aged. There was a section where you could play with sonar. And there was a section where you could select goals for your future.

I was amazed by both the number of things I wanted to do, and also by the number of things on the list I had done.

After that we came back to school and celebrated a successful navigation of the public transit system.

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