Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Funny College Stories 4

Sometimes I feel the urge to make my own fun, even when it means being ridiculous.

For example, today I was sitting in class, and class was almost over, and I heard a girl who lives on my floor say "After this I have time to either shower or eat, but not both." Being the helpful person that I am I turned around and suggested that she eat in the shower. She did not agree with me that this was a realistic thing to do. So I suggested that she use and avocado face mask and then eat it with chips. The person to whom she'd been speaking originally then informed me that (apparently) there's more stuff in avocado face masks than avocado and some of that stuff is not edible (which I find strange). I thought on it a while and then realized the problem. She didn't want her food to get wet. So I suggested that she eat soup in the shower. Problem solved I thought. Not so much, it turns out. After she left someone else suggested an apple. That actually sounds doable.

So anyway, later after my last class I went to the bank and once again decided to make my own fun. I needed to break some large bills down and get quarters for laundry. Normal people just ask the teller for this. I asked the teller if she could do a magic trick for me. She seemed confused until I pulled out the money and explained that I wanted to know if she could turn amount of money A into amount of money B and a roll of quarters. I'd like to think I brightened her day.

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