Thursday, April 5, 2012

Clickers and Econ

Do you know what a clicker is? Basically it's a little remote control, and when the teacher posts asks a multiple choice, or true/false question you type in your answer and it gets submitted. Until this quarter I didn't need to have a clicker for class. But then I signed up for Econ. Where I was told that if I didn't have a clicker I would need to buy one. Specifically, this one:
So, I went and I bought one. It was bundled with some access code I needed to buy so I was able to get it on sale. And by that I mean it was $30, instead of $50. Anyway, I ordered it and it was sent to me. And then my teacher announced that it turns out these clickers aren't compatible with the clickers sold by our school, aka the type of clickers than a third of the class already shelled out $50 for.

Luckily she struck a deal with the other company. They would do a free trade, clicker for clicker. Being the Econ teacher that she is, my teacher spent part of today explaining why this company would give away this normally expensive product. Basically it boils down to the fact that by making it easier for our teacher to use their product this year, she'll be more likely to use the product in future years with more students.

The upshot is, I now have a clicker that looks like this:
I think this one is cuter.

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