Monday, April 9, 2012

Campus Ridiculousness

The food at my school is generally pretty good. There are plentiful vegan and vegetarian options. One of the dining halls has a kosher section. Something I only recently learned is that not every school offers kosher options in the dining hall. Many students have to rely on Hillel for all their meals. As this week is Passover, this week my school's Hillel is offering food to students at meals. This is good because I looked at the kosher dining hall's menu for the week and saw this:
That's right, the kosher section is serving bread. I don't understand why the kosher section wouldn't go kosher for Passover. It literally makes no sense to me. Especially since the dining hall I normally eat in, the same dining hall that served ham on Rosh Hashanah, has a special section of kosher for Passover food, just for this week.

Now, I admit, I haven't gone to eat in this other dining hall. It's entirely possible that the menu is inaccurate. But, even if this isn't what they're serving they should have someone go and edit the online menu to be accurate. Why do they want to send the message that this is what they serve during Passover?

Then again, today is one of the special admitted student days, when the campus is swarming with prospective students and their parents. Parents and students who are likely to pick up a copy of the school newspaper. A school newspaper that today, when there are lots of parents visiting, had this on the front page:
The bottom of the front page, below the fold. But still, the front page. On accepted student day. I love my school, I really do, but sometimes things like this happen and I just want to go like this:

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